Use Cases: Verizon’s Crypto Ventures

We continue to examine crypto use cases, this time something more recent.

April 2020, 2 min read

Sim cards

Verizon, the massive US telecommunications company, recently filed for a patent which will leverage blockchain technology to replace physical SIM cards with a virtual SIM or vSIM.

Obviously there is already an emerging eSIM market where manufacturers are embedding digital SIM systems into their newer devices. Implementations include the Apple Watch and something a bit more interesting whereby the European Union has been requiring new cars to have eSIMs to participate in the mandatory eCall emergency calling network

Therefore one can rightly wonder what all the fuss is about the vSIM, all I can say here is that patent filing stresses transferability quite heavily which when you read any phone forum you can see is a challenge in the eSIM space.

This is not Verizon’s only foray into the crypto space, back in 2017 they filed for another patent, which describes how passcodes and access rights could be stored within a blockchain and passed from user to user. After passing to another user the original user’s access becomes invalid. This paves the way for a distributed content management system where rights to movie rentals, music services, or other digitally distributed content could be stored on a blockchain and securely managed.

You can read the indepth patents linked above but clearly some interesting use cases in the telecom space.